Updated 1st September 2021



In view of the rapid take-up of places and continued interest from prospective runners since we launched, we have contacted EntryCentral and have now re-opened the race to allow people to join a Waiting List - you can use this link: EntryCentral http://www.entrycentral.com/billericay-striders-10k.
Arranged Transfers:  As in previous years, if you have a race entry but need to withdraw and want to pass your place on to a friend, please contact us and we will activate those changes for you. We have streamlined the process so that now, your friend will be invited to provide their entry details and make payment on-line and you will then have your entry fee (less admin charge) refunded. 
Un-arranged Transfers:  If you need to withdraw, but haven't arranged a swap, we are now able to offer a refund if you contact us and if we have someone on the waiting list able to take your place. The process is as above, except we activate the next person on the waiting list, take payment and refund the original entry fee (less admin charge).
Please note: 
  • We are able to make transfers only up to the race/transfer closing date of 1st November and there will be no entries on the day.  Anybody attempting to run under someone else's name, without an agreed transfer, will be disqualified and subject to England Athletics sanction.
  • We can only make refunds where you contact us and we have another runner (either a friend or wait-listed entrant) able to take your place. Refunds cannot be made under any other circumstances, unless the organisers cancel the event.


Updated 9 August 2021


Thanks to your incredible enthusiasm, a remarkable 6 days since launching, all 790 places for the10k race have now been filled.  We are sorry to all those who are disappointed to miss out - the speed of uptake has taken us all by surprise. Please note, there will be no entries on the day.




Updated 6 August 2021


Over 80% of places filled less than 4 days after launching the race. 150 places available as at 16:00, 6th August. 




Updated 3 August 2021


The 2021 10k race is now open for entries on EntryCentral http://www.entrycentral.com/billericay-striders-10k.  We will post here any relevant news and information, so please keep checking for updates.  Best wishes


10k Committee